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  1. Happy Birthday to Caden who was 1 a few weeks ago.  His mum got in touch with me to order a birthday cake for his party and wanted something that he would instantly recognise and make his face light up with joy.  After a brief chat we agreed on a 3D novelty cake in the shape of Timmy the Sheep from the kids TV series Timmy Time.  

    For those that are not familiar with kids TV, Timmy is a spin off TV series from Shaun the Sheep who appears in Wallace & Gromit made by Aardman Animation.  I love Wallace and Gromit so it was an absolute joy to be asked to make a cake like this.

    Timmy was made up of 3 chocolate cakes for his body and 1 and a half chocolate cakes for his head.  He was approximately 12 inches tall.  When I started the process of putting the cakes together it was just like any other cake...I felt no particular emotion.  But as soon as I started to get his features formed and put together my heart warmed.  

    Upon finishing Timmy I wrapped him up and paused as I turned the lights out on a long evening of forming his woolly coat.  His face just beamed at me and I actual felt quite sad that I was going to have to hand him over tomorrow.

    Despite being attached to him I realised how much joy Caden would get and that he would feel just as much love for his cake as I did.  His mum and dad were delighted when they collected Timmy.

    So here he is...

    Timmy Time Cake

  2. Congratulations to Tracey and Neil who got married last weekend (28th April 2012) at Warwick House.

    They chose to have a gorgeous 4 tier cake made up of Vanilla, Chocolate and Banoffee Cake to wow their guests with.

    Thank you to Teme Valley Photography for their kind permission to use this beautiful photo that they
    took of the happy couple with the cake I made for their special day.

    Venue Dressing and flowers were provided by Tricia Penny of Peppermint Venues.

    Tracey and Neil Cutting Cake